Conventional ovens an introduction

Roasting, baking, and heating are some of the most famous cooking methods you can do with your conventional oven. A conventional oven is a modern cooking device that has multiple functions that you can use to serve delicious and mouth-watering dishes.

A conventional oven is either heated by gas or electricity, however, there is a difference in the heat distribution that might affect its way of cooking. This type of oven has a single heat source which is usually placed on the oven walls.

You can manage and operate easily the menu settings of your conventional oven as it is a common kitchen appliance over the years. Though there are little differences with the features among of the different brands in the market.

The advantages & disadvantage of a conventional oven

The advantages of a conventional oven

The disadvantage of a conventional oven

1. Easy to operate

2. Standard size models, ideal to replace your old model

3. Can get the job done, conventional ovens are up to the task. These ovens can cook most oven meals

4. Your partner in crime when you don't feel like cooking but just want to heat-up a yummy pizza or frozen convenience meal.

5. Great for when you're on a budget as there are a lot of budget friendly models available

1. Limited functions

2. Basic models, not always the most stylish models