More on Voltage (V) and Frequency (Hz)

All our built-in kitchen appliances for sale on ImportAppliances are marked with a CE mark, which means they are safe to use and operate on 220-240V / 50Hz.

Why do different countries use different frequency & voltage power supplies?

The operation frequency is typically 50Hz at 220V in European and Asian countries. While in the USA and Canada the operation frequency used will be 60Hz at 110V.
voltage and Frequency map
Different countries use a different frequency and voltage power supplies mainly due to historical reasons. In the early history of electricity voltage used was mostly 110V. In the 1950s after World War II, to improve power transmission efficiency, this was changed to 220V. At the same time it was also decided, that for mathematical convenience, the use of 50Hz was preferable instead of 60Hz.

Which one is the best? 110V & 60Hz vs 220V & 50Hz?

There is no "better" frequency or voltage. Everything requires some trade-off in performance or manufacturability.

What does this mean for your kitchen appliances?

Most likely the electricity supply in your kitchen will be 220V/ 50Hz, if you’re not sure, please double check with your local licenced electrician. All built-in appliances for sale on ImportAppliances are safe to use and operate on 220-240V / 50Hz. So you’re good to go!

If your kitchen requires 60Hz appliances, please contact us before or as soon as you’ve ordered. Most of our kitchen appliances can also be used on 60Hz.

Contact us if you have any further questions or check out the technical details in the User Manuals available on the product pages of most appliances.